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RESTful API Testing with Postman – Coupon 100% Off

restful api course coupon
Udemy – RESTful API Testing with Postman – Coupon
Getting started with API Testing with Postman for Software Developers, Testers and DevOps

The RESTful API Testing with Postman course into several sections. I will start by showing the overview of Postman. Then I will discuss about sending API requests & responses. I will show how to manage APIs into collections and share with anyone. Then I will cover variables, environments & how to write test scripts. Also I will show you how to automate your testing with combination of all these tools & collection runner. Final topic will be showing you a complete testing workflow with Twitter API.

Who is the target audience for RESTful API Testing with Postman Course?
– Software Developers
– Software Testers
– DevOps
– Anyone new to Postman

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